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  • De-clutter and get organized to make your productivity soar. These desk organization ideas are easy-to-do, inexpensive and look great, too. #fromhousetohome #desk #homeoffice #organizing  #officeorganization
  • Verses and prayers for your son to seek God first and to be strong, courageous, and wise as he lives in a society that tells him the opposite. #PrayforChildren #PrayforSon #BibleStudy #BibleVerses
  • No matter where you find yourself on your fitness journey (including not being on that journey whatsoever) there is one thing we all have one thing in common: the need to stretch. Why? Well, it turns out there are many reasons, and these 10 yoga poses are
  • Plant Pin! Water Propagation means New Plants for Free. Multiply your Houseplant collection. It's so easy and extremely satisfying. Propagate different plants and group all the bottles together into your own Propagation Station. | How to Water Propagate your Plants at | #propagation #houseplants #indoorplants #waterpropagation #plants #succulents #indoorgardening
  • Reaproveitando utensílios plásticos
  • The only issue is that silver tends to lose its shine and it also acquires a blackish hue when it is exposed to the elements in air. So how does one get rid of that? We found this closely-guarded secret to get your silver to regain its original glory. #tips #tricks #hacks #cleaning
  • I get asked this question all the time: how do you afford traveling the world for over 5 years? Here are the things I did that helped me maintain my nomadic lifestyle | Be My Travel Muse | How to afford traveling | Travel the world inspiration | Long term
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